2022 in Pisticci….several senior moments….

Or maybe I’m just a bit scatty…..though I always thought I was quite sensible and organised.

This week part of my plan was to get more organised,  pay bills, get gas, print out boarding passes and other things that aren’t painting.

After spending some time on my current  portrait I thought that I’d have a go at printing out my boarding passes and was pleased with not only printing them out but also saving them on my phone.

It was only when I tried to book a bus to the airport that I noticed , quite by accident that I had the wrong date and would have arrived at the airport a day late. I can’t believe I nearly missed that.

The next moment, was , when I received  a photo for another portrait which wasn’t terribly clear and I suddenly remembered  that I had an app which improved photos.

When I was painting 5 people in a group portrait earlier this month it would have been really helpful. And I’ve used it on the current reference photo I’m using right now and I can clearly see the eyes now. I don’t know how I could have forgotten something as useful as that. It’s called REMINI and it’s free.

In between feeling dopey I got on with this…


And then finished off the edges and a few details on this. 

Worked out okay.

That took me almost all day.

Around 4pm there was the daily thunderstorm. 


So now it’s back to normal.

Tomorrow it’s market day and I have a bill to pay. ( and wine to buy)

But now I’m planning to watch another episode of Poirot and drink the remaining wine.


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