2022 in Pisticci…stayed at home and procrastinated…….

And then I did some work.

But first , after writing the 79th part of ” not the war diary” I brushed the floors and then used acrylic paint to cover the scrapes. It looks better now. Very satisfying and took 5 minutes.

Then after spraying bleach in the sink and airfreshener in both rooms I reckoned that the house smelled clean.

After that I downloaded photos of my 52 local scenes except that some of them didn’t download. Very annoying. I think my lap top may be about to give up.

I don’t exactly understand what synchronisation and the cloud are.

However by then it was lunch time and after that I really had to start work.

So this afternoon I worked on the background of my latest portrait, then sold 2 paintings and got a new commission , finished my 3d work diary and now I’m tired and drinking wine.

First page of first diary.

I wish I’d started years ago as I could have had a record of all the varied work I’ve done.

Me and the evil printer are are now in a slightly happier relationship …though fragile. It has been printing out photos of a decent quality to use in my diary….once I turned the photo paper round so that it printed on the right side.

It’s a nice evening again with a breeze blowing up my street.

Evening light.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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