2022 in Pisticci….a little bit of magic…..

I’m still feeling a little unwell. I have tried telling my stomach that there is nothing to worry about on this trip to Scotland, but as usual it’s not listening.

However today was better than yesterday.

Just to be on the safe side I did my first covid test this morning. It was negative. But when I had people coming to see me I thought it was sensible.

As I was having visitors I tidied up, dusted and whooshed air freshener around.

So this time I’ll be leaving a tidy house.

I usually tidy etc when I get back home as it gets me into the “groove” again.

The subject of my latest portrait was coming to visit. They didn’t know about the portrait only that they were going to visit a local artist.

I was hoping that they would like it.

They did. Very much.

It was a surprise gift for a special birthday.

For me it was a joy and a privilege to have made something which was just right.

It was all quite emotional and I’m still smiling thinking of it now.

Most of the rest of today I got organised to go away. Not much packing was needed, but I ironed my shirt in honour of the occasion. Normally hanging it out to dry on a windy day does well enough.

I plan to get up about 4am and make some snacks to eat on the plane.

Then I should be getting a lift to a local town where theoretically I catch the airport bus. ( there is only one.) I haven’t done this before.

I should arrive at the airport earlier than I need to , but that’s not a problem.

Now I’m going to have a small glass of wine and watch another episode of Poirot, have an early night, set my alarm for 4am and sleep like a log. The last of these things is unlikely, but all being well I can relax at Katy’s house tomorrow night…

Flowers watered. Neighbour will water when I’m away. Chairs tucked in so they don’t blow away in the next gale.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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