2022 in Pisticci… Yesterday… and clouds……

Yesterday all seems like a dream.

However I still felt tired and unwell this morning,( am much better now. ) and spent a fair amount of time lying about reading.

I’ve just read the last in a series of 22 books featuring a character called Arnold Landon , written by Roy Lewis. I’ve mostly enjoyed them as they’re not too bloodthirsty and I learned quite a lot about archaeology and related subjects.

Yesterday when sitting on the bus looking out the window I had a bit of a revelation. There was a particular cloud formation and I suddenly thought…..the sky is horizontal , like a table top. ( maybe everybody already knows this , but it was new to me.)

I’ve been painting the sky as a vertical entity( I enjoyed writing that!)

Painting on a flat surface and looking at photos makes it seem as if the sky is vertical behind houses or mountains or the sea.

Now the best description I can think of is to imagine the sky as a table and I am under that table looking up.

I’m not sure if I’m beginning to sound a bit weird ,but it’s made me look at clouds differently and I’m hoping it will affect my painting.

So on the way to the supermarket I took some photos of clouds.

Trying to illustrate the under the table effect.
And again
This is just pretty
Rather nice cloud
Big dark cloud over piazza San Rocco

I was the only person in the supermarket wearing a mask today. Felt odd.

Writing about clouds has reminded me that I have 2 canvases with landscapes done in my “loose painting period” , which I would like to tighten up as I don’t like them. After my sky revelation maybe I should work on them this week. After all I’m not supposed to be here so I could do something for fun.

Now….I think the photo makes them look better than they are.

I’ve found another Shetland episode on youtube so no Poirot tonight.

Cheers 🍷

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