2022 in Pisticci…in limbo….sort of…

Am not sure if  ” sort of” is a proper expression , but  it’s one I use a lot.

Today it applies to being in Pisticci when I was supposed to be in Scotland, to feeling better but not right, to starting painting but not really doing much etc.

However it’s been a perfectly pleasant day. The sun shone. I made porridge  for breakfast and sat on the doorstep to eat it.

Then I found  2 spare stretchers and stapled my 2 ” loose ” paintings onto them so that I was more motivated to fix them.

Ready to start work.

But I got distracted. Firstly by a book on my kindle which is part of a Scottish detective series and is very funny.

Then , after finding out yesterday that the direct flights from Bari to Edinburgh  are stopping at the end of October I thought I should see what alternatives are available.

It took a bit of going back and forward on the Ryanair site ,but I found that I could get a flight from Bari to Milan and then from there to Edinburgh and including booking my seat would cost £40. After more fiddling about I could come back via Rome and then the train to Pisticci for about £65. So to make up for the week I am missing this time I’m booked in for another week’s trip near the end of November.

It would seem that my adventure on Wednesday has boosted my confidence . Not exactly what I had expected.

Also the thought of going away for only a week feels much more manageable and less of a big deal.

I had previously considered going by train to be more environmentally friendly and I might look into that next year. I think it’s probably affordable in Europe including a sleeper from Rome to Paris. But am not so keen on another day all the way up the UK. I considered flying from Paris to Edinburgh. Then I gave up and decided to think about it another time.

It’s quite warm outside right now and I sat outside to write this with Fluffy for company.

Fluffy and the castle.

Am planning to go out for pizza tomorrow evening with friends as I am ” sort of” on holiday.

And now it’s minimum wine time…….and Friday….

Cheers 🍷

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