2022 in Pisticci…relaxing sort of Saturday……

I found a  ripe strawberry this morning. That was nice. There might be another one ready soon.

Last night I dreamed about my glasses falling to bits so decided that I must go and get the little screws at the corners tightened as one was a bit loose. The optician is a very nice friendly person so it’s  always fun to drop in.

Nobody seems to be wearing masks in shops now and I am enjoying this for however long it lasts. Am still planning on wearing one in Scotland though. Here at least the doors are open .

I painted this with a red umbrella. They must have a great view.
Heading towards piazza San Rocco.
I once painted this street….never again…too many doors, windows etc
Not been up the pink brick road for a while.
Some oleanders are still flowering.

This afternoon I did some more work on the landscape I’m fixing. I think it’s done now.


Tonight I’m going out for Pizza with friends. It will be the first time in ages.

I think I’ve found a new episode of ” Have I got news for you.” Hurray!!

Delayed wine time tonight. Cheers whenever. 🍷

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