2022 in Pisticci….repurposed my stove as a table……

I’ve found the receipt from the shop where the stove was bought and in January I might contact the owner and see if I can get some help.

This is assuming that stoveman (1) doesn’t turn up.

I just don’t feel like getting stressed about it .

It looks really pretty now .

Even the stovepipe blends in nicely.
Nice friendly, cheerful, warm room.

I am quite warm enough. That is, I am not wearing a hat.

Mostly today I did little things.

I found the stove receipt, checked if I was eligible for a heating allowance thingy, wrote shopping lists and various other odds and ends.

I checked what I could cook in the microwave if my gas ran out over Christmas. I have a spare gas bombola, but both the cooker and the heater could run out at the same time.

Finally I started painting and nearly finished this.

Small local scene.

After deciding that I wouldn’t go out today I got bored and went to the supermarket.

More Pisticci being pretty photos.

I was reading that the first step has been taken to make Dirupo, ( my area) a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO world heritage list. Nice.

And I have a new commission. So tomorrow I need to go out and buy more wood for stretchers. That will keep me nicely occupied over Christmas.

Now it’s wine time. I’m warm and I like my new “table with lights” in the corner.


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