2022 in Pisticci….been cold today……

It’s not that my house is any colder, it’s just that I’ve been in the unheated part working.

I’ve been out and bought 4, 2.5m strips of wood and carried them home.

I also bought a new saw.

Then I made a 90x90cm stretcher and stapled the canvas on.

Getting started.

After that I roughly drew the scene I am going to paint.

By which time it was 3pm.

This morning I had a small gas bombola delivered. This means when the heater runs out of gas I’ll take the big gas bombola out of the cooker and put the small one in it. Then put the big one from the cooker in the heater. (The cooker ran out of gas last night and the gas man only had small ones. )

I finished and glazed the last local scene as well as glazing the previous 3.

I like bits of this. Maybe I should paint a big version.

Tonight I’m wearing a hat, scarf thing, and a lined thick fleece jacket. That’s on top of my 4 layers. It’s about 19C and the gas heater is about a metre away from me.

I hope I’m not getting another cold.

In the meantime it must be wine time . And I haven’t lit the candles yet.


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