2022 in Pisticci….must go out tonight….

It’s the ” living nativity ” tonight.

I’m going to try and not go out until about 8pm to make sure that it’s properly started.

Hopefully I will take lots of photos. Which will be a pale reflection of what is actually there.

You can’t photograph atmosphere or emotion or pride or gratitude…..or the feeling of having just stepped into the past.

I will try though.

Today I mostly worked on my new big commission which I am painting in a different style and using a particular set of colours. It’s quite interesting and a nice project to keep me going over Christmas.

A tiny section of very much a work in progress.

It’s fun using big brushes.

One of my portrait commissions left today and now I have another one to do.

I can’t believe it’s so near Christmas. I rather lost count of the days and inadvertently cooked enough lunches for 4 days yesterday. I suppose that includes Christmas day.

Was going to have roasted vegetables for Christmas lunch, but couldn’t be bothered to buy any vegetables yesterday, so then it was going to be a toss up between a baked potato and tuna or fish fingers and Mexican Salsa sauce. Now it seems lunch is already in the fridge………

If I wanted to I could make something very interesting as I have lots of ingredients , but I probably won’t.

In the meantime I am enjoying being warm, having candles and twinkly lights.

View from my armchair,having removed my feet from the chest. Note closeness of gas heater….which is not burning my chair.

And outside……

Solar twinkly lights…..thanks Sandra.

Now I think it’s wine time and I need to decide whether to eat before I go out……..


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