2022 in Pisticci….Christmas blues….

There is no particular reason to feel a bit sad.

The weather is lovely, I have lots of work, I’m warm (mostly) , there are some Christmas events to look forward to and I’ve another trip to Scotland planned in February.

Maybe it’s just this time of year.

And I saw the yellow helicopter hovering over Pisticci again this afternoon. Somebody is being rushed to hospital.

Apart from a slightly gloomy sensation everything is fine.

Painting went well today and I am much further on than I expected.

All set up and ready to start.

I’ve been to the supermarket again. That means I’ve walked somewhere nearly every day since I came back from Scotland.

On the way……
On the way home….
Hoping this hat is not ridiculous. It’s very warm and doesn’t fall off.

It’s been a beautiful evening.

Lovely light.

It’s looking cheerful and it’s warm inside.

Left my painting up ready for tomorrow.

Time for a glass of wine now and maybe I’ll find something funny to watch on youtube.


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