2022 in Pisticci….another Christmas day……..

Eating ” facon” and eggs on my doorstep in the sunshine was a nice way to start the day.

A good night’s sleep would have made a difference to the rest of the day.

However after going back to bed for an hour I got to work and finished my latest big painting. I am quite pleased with the result. It looks very colourful with lots of interesting shapes.

After that I noticed that there were a lot of spots of white paint on the floor near where I’d been painting, so I mixed up a suitable colour and covered them up. It only took 5 minutes.

Having a non perfect floor means that it’s easy to fix. There were a whole lot of white paint marks there previously.

It was so warm outside that I kept the door open for several hours as I painted .It also meant I heard all the music from the church.

Thankfully the door has shrunk again so shuts easily.

It was still warm when I decided to have a cup of tea and some pear and chocolate chip cookies while reading on the doorstep.

I think tomorrow is to be even warmer.

Now it’s dark.

I love how the hills look in this light.
Took this photo through the window. You can just see my reflection in the dresser .

All week there have been intermittent fireworks going off and either waking me up a or making me jump. Must be awful in Ukraine when a bang means your house might be blown up.

Am glad it’s wine time now. I’ve opened a new bottle.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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