2022 in Pisticci…nothing much really….

It was a bit of a relief to think that Christmas day was past and I didn’t have to consider being jolly.

I think I might have a little bit of post cold/ flu/virus blues. I think that can happen. At least I’ve been telling myself that so that I just need to do nice things and I’ll be fine in a few days.

There wasn’t much to do today.

It was too cold to have breakfast outside.

Very pretty morning.

I finished ,finally, the big commission and sent a photo of it to the client.

There was a lovely blue sky outside so I opened the door.

Half an hour later On looking outside it was like this….. so shut the door again. It’s been a coat and hat on inside sort of day.

Chilly ,but atmospheric.

I seem to have spent a considerable amount of time watching ” Money for Nothing” on youtube.

I’m now looking at my furniture and odds and ends with a considering eye………

Fluffy jumped up and looked in the window to remind me she would like some food.

She is so cuddly….

It’s a strange time of year I think, when I remember all the things I thought I would do last year, and didn’t, and then there are all the things I want to do next year and wonder if I will get on and do them .

I think I need a new motto for 2023……something like ” better to give it a go than do nothing because I think it won’t be good enough.

That’s a bit long winded . Might need to condense it to …..just ******* do it. It won’t kill you.

Haven’t lit my candles tonight as I’m going out.

Wine time will be postponed.

Cheers ( whenever) 🍷🍷

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