2022 in Pisticci….looking forward….

A little bit more cheerfully than yesterday.

I went out last night to the Living Nativity.  It was friendly and fun.

Great setting.
There were likely more people later.
There were lots of people taking part.
Wonderful old buildings.

I’m glad I went.

Today has been another sunny day where it’s much warmer outside than inside. 

I took my new diary outside , sat at the table and wrote a list of things I might like to do next year.

It started with ” make at least one picture book” and finished with “live a nice quiet life appreciating not being bombed.”.

I was just sitting there when someone came down my street and handed me a bag of food and said Happy New Year.

One of the things on my list was ” make up a project where I learn something new”. It could just be practising drawing portraits or something like that , but it would have a structure and finish date. I like projects.

I went out for a walk to the supermarket. It’s always a nice social occasion.

On the way home. Lovely day.
Up by the little church.
Great view of Pisticci
At the bottom of the pink brick road.

I worked on my latest painting for a while, but mostly I found reasons to do something else as it’s cold sitting inside.

Some progress.

Next week I plan to make some efforts to get my pellet stove fixed .

Now it’s candles and wine time.

Cheers and Happy New Year. 🍷🍷


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