2023 in Pisticci/ Perth….. nothing much doing……

It’s been a nice quiet day.

I finished editing my little mural story which I have tried to download with no success whatsoever.

Watched a bit TV. I like the programe set in Sicilia where Amanda Holden has bought 2 houses for €2 and is doing them up with Alan Carr. ( I think that’s his name.)

Then had fun moving furniture with Katy and Sam so that now the kitchen has a living room, Doug the dog has a new bed and Sam’s room is much emptier.

Doug’s new bed.

The weather has been okay. It didn’t rain.

Nice wine…..and the sky looked pretty for a while.

Now Katy is making vegetarian haggis . Looking forward to trying it.

Might watch Nickipositano on my tablet later.

Good way to spend a Sunday.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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