2023 in Pisticci/Perth….vegetarian haggis and a tsunami…..

It’s  been quite a week in Pisticci and surroundings this week. First of a all there was a car bomb and then today there was a tsunami warning related to the earthquake in Turkey. ( there was no tsunami  thankfully.) I think there might have been a snow shower too.

Meanwhile here in Perth I’m having a quiet life.

Today I bought myself a pair of jeans from a charity shop, took them in at the waist and I’m very pleased with myself.

In town this morning.

For lunch I had leftover vegetarian Haggis. I like the real stuff , but this was better, and no need not, to try not to imagine the ingredients.

It’s microwaveable and  actually made locally.

Not available in Italy I would think.

It hasn’t rained today, but there were no  signs of a blue sky. 

I finally discovered how to down load my mural story and sent a copy to the client who has the mural. I think a mural with its  own story is pretty good.

Now it’s wine time  .

Newly arranged sitting area.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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