2023 in Pisticci…Tom Cruise might have been in town ……….

According to Matera News he was having a look around the area ( Matera, Pisticci and Bernalda) in the the last few days. He might be going to make a film. Lots of films have been made in Matera, but none in Pisticci so far. ( Or not that I know of.)

Oh dear, must stop imagining that I could be an extra in a film or I’ll never get this written. I think I could be a grumpy old lady quite convincingly.

This morning I combined going to the market with looking for street names.

Was a small market today
A bit bleak
Thought about painting this, but didn’t.

I bought a baking tray at the hardware stall , but I should maybe have measured my oven first. It fits in …… only just !

After a coffee with friends , as I was already at the other side of town, I headed for the farthest away street where I’d painted a scene. If I’m to make a book full of paintings of scenes in Pisticci then writing where they are seems important. Though it already looks like some will need to be described as ‘near’ a street or piazza. And some may be just wrong as the streets are so twisting and muddled.

I think it will take me to the end of the week to find them all.

I’ve added another 12 paintings . It will give me a choice of more than 60. Tomorrow as well as looking for some scenes in the Loreto district I’m going to think about the cover painting.

Lucky I’m not an abstract painter….at least I can recognise the scenes.

It’s been grey , but dry today. Fluffy has been to visit twice. I hope she isn’t pregnant and looking to have kittens in my house. She disappeared under the sofa in the gallery and and had to be tempted out with food.

Wine time now. It’s still daylight. It feels like spring could be here soon. ( must take photos of all the flowers already blooming.)


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