2023 in Pisticci…my little black book….

I’m very glad that I started writing about what I’ve been doing in a little black book.

I haven’t attempted to be very neat…

Otherwise I might be thinking that I hadn’t much to show for today.

But , after a sleepless night when I ended up watching an episode of ” Have I got news for you” and then searching for new canvases on Amazon, I got up about 6.30am and remembered to do my exercise regime. ( that makes it sound like a lot, which it isn’t. )

Then I ordered 8 black canvases( an experiment) 8 white canvases the same size as my 50 paintings of Pisticci, and finally 10 more for portraits.

That cost about £105. Which means I only need to sell 3 paintings at €35 each and I will have just about covered my costs.

It was a nice sunny morning so I went off to buy candles and peanuts as well as taking notes of street names.

That is going well.

Back home I wondered what I would paint on black canvases. All my digital paintings are done on black backgrounds………..

Next I downloaded the Bookwright app. It wasn’t too difficult. I only had to do it twice.

At the same time I made lunch for 4 days.

Now I’ve chosen which type of book I would like to make and I’ve made my own template, as well as learned where the UNDO button is. I am considering this as an experiment, but it’s almost fun.

I’m pleased with what I’ve done with the cover so far.

I think there is something wrong with the writing. But the picture is perfect.
Am not sure if I will only put one painting per page ,but am learning lots while trying it out.

I also had another try at making Gimp work. Not because I need it, but I’m just annoyed that I can’t make it work. I learned how to make my control panel disappear in the process.

Around about that time there was a knock at my door and now I have a new portrait commission. I’ve already used the app I bought to make the photo clearer . Tomorrow I need to make a special sized canvas for it.

Suddenly remembering I had no pretty photos today I rushed off round the corner to the pink brick road. However all the lovely orange flowers have closed up for the day.

Nice view, but it should be more orange.

Now it’s wine time and instead of thinking that I have not done very much….I feel quite satisfied with my days work. (I also made peanut butter.)

I saved a black and white Sherlock Holmes film on youtube earlier. Might watch that.

It’s still light, and even sunny outside. Better bring in my solar lights.


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