2023 in Pisticci….rained all night…..

It was nice to have a roof that doesn’t leak last night. It seemed to rain the whole night, but this morning when I got up the sun was shining.

Blue skies and blue mountains.

I headed off up town to the farmacia about 9am.

The sun was shining on the little church and my house.
I liked this little slice of countryside
Fruit and veg stalls.

On my way I spotted the flowers I like to call pansies. I bought five.

Pink and purple ones . Hopefully they’ll perk up soon.
Lots of leaves.
Painted flowers, artificial ones and the real thing.

Today was supposed to be portrait painting day. I decided that I would give myself 4 hours max to finish. It took two.

Now I’m waiting for guests.

Tomorrow I’m going to see some more potential mural space. And I want to finish finding out the street names of my 50ish local scenes.

It’s dull. Fluffy is not impressed.

Wine time will begin soon.


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