2023 in Pisticci…eclectic sort of day….

I am very fortunate.

Most of my days are interesting….at least to me.

And filled with a variety of happenings.

Today was a fun sort of day.

I had breakfast outside, but coffee inside as it was still a little bit chilly.

Lovely blue sky

Then I replied , saying “yes” ,to another commission.

Next I went shopping. It’s almost always a good experience, what with meeting neighbours on the way and then greeting the staff in the supermarket who know me. And I bought chocolate .

Back home it was time to start painting my latest portrait. ( I had set everything up before I went out to the supermarket. )

I found a new Agatha Raisin audiobook and began to paint.

I decided to start with the eyes as I think they are the most important features.

So today I painted, watched a short video on painting hair( there is always something else to learn.) And painted more……..

I’m now about 75% done.

I also watched another episode of Portrait Artist of the Year and wondered if I should try to paint a portrait in 4 hours. If I painted a portrait in 4 hours I would then be earning about €10 an hour. That would be nice.

In-between I hoovered , cleaned and fixed the lock on the toilet door using a hammer, screwdriver and and a pointy thing. ( all this felt a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. )

Then a friend came to visit. That was good.

Fluffy dropped by several times.

Now it’s wine time. Tonight I will be opening a bottle of wine made by a new friend.

And I lit the candles as it’s the weekend.

It’s cosy . I am not wearing a hat.


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