Day 30, staying at home in Pisticci…..last time being a bandit

And I forgot it was my 30th day. That should mean something…like a celebration or a certificate or a cake.

I did get a free mask from the commune so that will need to do as certificates, cakes and celebrations are not going to happen.

I had read online that masks had been provided for the citizens of Pisticci but I thought that maybe you were supposed to go and collect one somewhere and that everyone but me knew where and when. So when 2 men in official clothes came down my street it was a nice surprise. Real people!!! I was given a mask in a little plastic bag and said, ” grazie,” and then ” buona giornata ” and then ” buona pasqua ” and then I ran out of things to say …..and they left. But one of them did turn round and smile and say , ” and to you , ” in english . It was the longest conversation I have had for at least a week.

I had got up and organised to go shopping first thing this morning but people don’t speak so much … and as I was looking like a bandit again it’s all a bit strange. This morning we were given a number as we went in . There are only 5 people allowed in at once. There is still plenty of food but they had run out of my favourite 70% dark chocolate which was a bit of a blow. The 85% stuff is a bit bitter so I bought a bar of white chocolate along with the 85% one to make up for it .I think I believed that one bit of 85% plus a bit of the white stuff would sort of equal one bit of 70% one. It won’t surprise anyone to know that I failed my o grade arithmetic, never got more than 50% in maths and have no science qualifications whatsoever.

I did feel a bit sorry for myself trudging home with a heavy rucksack which included a bag of catfood. ( hope the cats are grateful!!) But I have bought 4 little bags of olives and a bottle of lemonade so I will have some treats over Easter. Even if I had wanted to buy an Easter egg I don’t think I could have carried it.

It was much sunnier and warmer today and I have 7 bags of pellets left. The forecast for next week is for 23C so they might last until summer. It was warmer outside than inside .

I got to work on my big painting again and now I have roughly finished everything. It looks pretty good. I have however decided that I will try to paint my antique chandelier tomorrow as if I get it right it should add more depth to the scene. And I like it a lot.

I bought it years ago at an antiques market..I think it cost me €30 , in the days when that didn’t feel like a fortune. I just loved how it was somewhere between cute, tacky and gorgeous. James hung it up for me. It has never worked. He was not awfully good with electricity though he did try. I love the way it contrasts with the shedlike rafters.

I have had a busy day. ( Partly due to trying to keep warm and not use the stove….it feels wrong when heating is free outside.) So I sat outside and read for 5 mins and then got bored. I found a pair of shears and cut some weeds at the end of the street. Theoretically I suppose I could tidy this space up and maybe plant a few roses . It doesn’t belong to me but no one goes there. Anyways I got some more exercise hacking away . I will have a little think about what I might do there.

And now it’s wine time again.

I find the thought of boris johnson being in hospital strangely unsettling and when I looked earlier I couldn’t find the report of todays virus cases in Basilicata. Tonight if I am lucky I will find another episode of Vera on youtube , drink wine, eat olives and maybe give myself a small pat on the back for having reached 30 days.

Last time as a bandito…..
My new real mask.
On my way to supermarket. The singing lady lives in this street. She always makes me happy.
Getting there…..
Potential garden annexe…..
My chandelier…..tomorrows painting challenge.

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  1. Congratulations on 30 days!!! It’s the only way to stay safe. I’m on my second week and it’s still too cold to sit outside. (In the middle of the USA). I can hardly wait for warmer weather. Your painting is beautiful. Stay safe!

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