Day 29 , staying home in Pisticci…..not much happened

Got up and wrote for about 45 minutes. A bit editing , a bit of the past and more of the present.

I always feel that the day has begun well if that goes ok.

I am missing going outside but the north wind makes it too cold. So breakfast in the armchair not in my little bar.

Today I was going to start painting before 11am but decided I would go read a book instead. Sometimes it feels important to do something nice ….and its not like there are a lot of choices.

I did start painting just after 11am and with only a short break for lunch I carried on until 3pm. I hadnt realised that I was standing up all that time until I wondered what I looked like painting away in my little house. Today was not a day of introspective revelations and deep feelings. It was pleasantly normal.

I enjoyed painting again. How extremely lovely it is to paint me …me ..or my room. I might need to eventually get back to little white houses but this is so much fun. I am adding all the little things that matter to me. And if I want to paint abstracty I can do it. Commissions are nice and I need the money but they always need someone else’s approval. This painting just needs mine. So I am free to do it how I like . I was pleased with the two brass figures I painted today. I used a black crayon to draw them and paint to highlight them. But the best bit was accidental again. It looks like you can see some of the furniture upstairs through the cane barrier . I dont exactly know how I did that. So a satisfactory days work.

I can hear singing from the church again. The sun is shining and the cold north wind has gone.

There were less new cases of the virus today than yesterday. It looks like we will all have to wear masks or scarves and gloves any time we are out soon.

What an odd little life this is being.

Wine time again.

I have been looking at a space on my wall with a view to painting something else after the sunflower. Am thinking maybe an alcove. I prefer to paint something that might possibly be there. Haven’t decided yet. …….

Just the left side to paint and then lots of little fixes.
A vacant space on my wall …….

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