Day 40 staying home in Pisticci…, 40 days!

And there are another 16 at least to go. That feels both good and bad. Theoretically I should be looking forward to more freedom.( good) and , oh no! Only 16 days left to do everything I had planned, back to working more , no excuses for not going out, no more feeling like a tiny bit of a hero to myself for managing at this time, no more guilt free siestas and what happened to learning Italian !! (Bad)

Enough said……but

I really will need to change my life if being confined feels better than being freed.

I have had such a lovely day. The sun was shining and after a good hour’s writing I had breakfast outside . Sitting there with coffee, and chocolate for a treat, I enjoyed my garden and thought about my next flower painting. Everything looks good when the sun is shining.

I started painting about 9.30am as there was no rush….. only there should have been , because by 10am it was really hot. I eventually had to go find a sunhat as getting sunstroke would be downright careless. I am being so careful and using up all the left over paint. I had forgotten that there was some left over white wall paint in the cupboard as am running out of good white acrylic and I have a portrait to do. ( no sign of the white paint I ordered online.) It was a treat to paint long leaves as frankly the other kind are boring . And technically painting on a wall with a rough surface makes edges difficult. So it was fun drawing big pointy leaves. Then the flowerheads went well. I checked photos of them online and then simplified the shapes and colours and that seemed to give the right effect.

By lunchtime I was finished. And well pleased with myself.

After a brief siesta ( not entirely guilt free to be honest) I looked at self portraits by women artists online and wondered if I should try and get a better photo to work from for my next big painting. I found the perfect spot in front of my new gladiolas. Then I had to work out how to take the photo. With the aid of a chair, table and flowerpot I managed. It took about 20 shots before I got sonething J liked but this time I think it will work.

As I sit here now I can hear music from the church again. It’s lovely. Might take my glass of wine outside later and enjoy it.

Only 1 new case of the virus in Basilicata today.

I think I will stay off politics today. I had thought of something deep and meaningful to say this morning and thought I must remember that. But I ‘ve forgotten.

So its getting near the end of the 40th day . It’s winetime again. The days seem to be flying past. Maybe I should make some vague plans for when freedom arrives………

Sunshine on my new gladiolas.
My favourite sun hat.
Setting up shot for portrait

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