Day 39 , staying home in Pisticci….with hollyhocks and lavender

The sun was shining by the time I got up and for the second time this year I didn’t need to light the stove. It’s nice to put it on in the evenings just because it’s friendly.

After discovering that I have nearly caught up with myself I am slightly confused as to how to bring everything together at the end of my book. So decided to think about that tomorrow….. or more likely , over the weekend. It still feels as if my day has started well if writing goes ok.

Am proud to report that I remembered to do yoga this morning and then also 10 circuits of my house later, which I extended by going out and in the doors and down the street. Felt almost tired after that. I had been going to count painting the flowers on the wall as exercise as every different colour meant another trip inside to the work room to mix it up. Am having to get quite creative and be a bit mean with colours as I am saving the best ones for my next big painting. I hope I have enough left for tomorrow as I plan to paint a dark red gladiola. There is a space on the wall needing filled.

I hope I don’t wake up one day and look at my house and think “What were you thinking of Anne!! I think I might put it down to “corona compulsion. ” That would be “the great need to do something a little crazy to stay sane.” In any case I don’t have any white paint to cover it up right now so it will have to stay…..and I really, really want to paint some very classy gladiolas tomorrow. Since I have been locked down on the outside my ” insides” have been so liberated. What other time in my life am I going to have an excuse to do just exactly what I want.

Am pretty pleased with the results of todays painting. I have even remembered to wash the brushes. And put the tops on the jars of paint.

After lunch I sat outside reading for a while. There are more cars than usual passing the end of the street and more noises than previously. Am not very comfortable with this as I don’t know that any rules have changed and it would be awful if the virus suddenly arrived in Pisticci because everyone got too complacent.

I haven’t checked today to see if there are more cases.

In between the general lies and awfulness in the UK there seems to be a little bit of hope that everything will change after this is over. It would be sad if it didn’t. The nice man from the EU, Guy Verhofstadt seems to think that this is the time to go for it. That the last time things were bad someone started the single market and that turned out to be a good idea.

I honestly don’t know much about politics but I don’t like being lied to. I don’t understand people who know someone is lying and still vote for them. However what do I know!

Nearly wine time again. The sun is still shining in the doorway and its the time of night when the shadows are best. May need to go for a stroll round my garden before settling in for the night. Another day and it will be 40 days. I wasn’t sure to begin with how I would feel after a week…….

Snow on the mountains this morning.
Close up of new flowers. They would not win awards for detail but in general they look good.
I think that looks finished now. Just enough and no more……
View when I was sitting reading. In summer is too hot to sit out after 10am.

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