Day 42, staying home in Pisticci……why am I so sleepy …

Last night I slept from about 8.30pm until 6.30am. Got up this morning around 8am ( very late for me) had 2 coffees and some 90% cocoa chocolate. Sat outside for half an hour then thought I’d have a little lie down and read. Fell asleep again. Soon it was lunch time. Watched an episode of ” escape to the country” where a lovely couple actually wanted a ” chocolate boxy” house and bought one of them . ( I love these kind of houses) After that I contemplated going out and painting more leaves in my wisteria but Mr Noisy had doors and windows open and loud music playing and it would just have annoyed me to work while this was blasting out. Fingers crossed whatever job he has starts up again soon. So I went for another lie down and read again and fell asleep. And now its after 4pm.

I have just read, on facebook , that its normal to feel tired in these days. That’s a relief!!!

I know I have slowed down a lot and mostly I am glad. This morning while I briefly sat outside it was lovely to enjoy just being there. I even went to look for the cows when I heard the cowbells. There are lots of noises here ( apart from Mr Noisy) There is a donkey somewhere. When I am free I am going to find it. There are hens and dogs and pigeons and other birds. And bees.! They love my lavender . They were very loud this morning and I thought one had got trapped in street light which was making it echo. ( Though it could have been a strimmer in the distance.)

I have had time to notice my roses starting to flower and several have bloomed since this morning. I also had time to decide that my wisteria which I based on a wall painting of a wisteria and not the real thing would be improved by having a lot more leaves.

In between I checked my twitter list which is like having friends, plus a newspaper. I read the whole article in the Sunday Times about the lack of action by the UK government in regard to the coronavirus. Not at all surprised. And saw that a plane had landed from China , at Prestwick with millions of masks and lots of testing kits for Scotland. Good for them.

I read a list on Facebook saying when things might be opened again in Italy only I don’t know if it’s real or not. Among other things it said that schools would open in september. And cafes near the end of May.

There are 3 new cases of the virus in Basilicata today. No more in Pisticci.

Incase anyone is interested in what I was reading it was HUBRIS by Pete Brassett. It was free on kindle unlimited and I have read several by him. They are very Scottish and maybe if you are not scottish you wouldn’t get some of the references but it’s pleasantly interesting and a bit funny and it wasn’t the cause of me falling asleep.

I think I should probably do 10 circuits of my house now before Wine time….. or not. I am the boss!.

The forecast is for a lot of rain this week so it will likely be portrait painting……

New roses… grew these from a twig.
There are cows in there somewhere…..
Possible bee megaphone.

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