Day 48 staying home in Pisticci……growth

“Growth ” was to be the title of my second big painting in my coronavirus series. It sounds grander , maybe than it is , but as it has been done in the time I have been “staying home” then it’s accurate. My first one was called ” my safe space ” and there is a 3d one to come ( hopefully )It was easy to name the first one as it was literally my safe space.

I knew that I wanted to paint a big, good self portrait that I was proud of. Frankly I wanted it to be as good and as meaningful as the one I did of James so I was aiming high. And I knew that I wanted it to be called ” growth ” because I am lucky enough to live on my own, had enough paint and canvas and for the first time in years I had enough time and the opportunity to concentrate on painting what I wanted to paint. So I have and it has been liberating . I think I have grown in my painting ability, personally ( but not in size…..just thought I would mention that, despite my lack of exercise I am still the same size as I was 48 days ago.) And having set myself in my real and painted garden which has also ” grown” then I think I have it covered.

It is more or less finished….that is in the next week or two I will probably walk by and see something really obvious that I can fix….but it shouldn’t change much.

Am pretty pleased with it.

Apart from a long chat with my sister this morning on the phone I haven’t done much else today. I didn’t have a siesta because I was busy trying make my fingers look less like sausages and it was 4pm by the time I managed to do that. Hands are really difficult but really important. ( mine might need more work.)

I know it’s Saturday and I might find something I like , other than Hamish Macbeth to watch on youtube, but I am really enjoying it. I have a snack pack of olives left and I bought some fennel ( finnochio) flavoured taralli to have with wine. This is better than a lot of Saturdays before lockdown.

I haven’t checked to see if there are more cases of the virus in Basilicata but I am a bit appalled by the fact that it seems neccessary to warn people not to drink or otherwise ingest disinfectant in the USA and the UK.

I maybe should move my portrait into my gallery as I keep thinking someone is looking at me and would be a shame if I scared myself in the middle of the night. I did get a fright this morning.

I used a bit of artistic licence with the plants.
This was roughly the setting. If this had been a commission I would have felt obliged to be more realistic.
Plan to go sit here with a glass of wine soon.

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