Day 53 staying at home in Pisticci….staying home isn’t the problem…

But going out might be…..

I got my WIFI bill today and at present I can only pay it in the post office. I am not very sure if the post office is open in Pisticci right now. If it isn’t then I would need to get a bus to Marconia and go to the post office there. On monday I think that as long as I have the relevant document I could go. Assuming the buses are running as usual.

I have been so cut off for so long now that I have no idea. Most people here have cars.

I also should go to the doctor’s surgery tonight and pick up a prescription but have persuaded myself that I may as well wait until Monday. I think tomorrow is a holiday.

I am sitting at the table by my door writing this tonight as a step towards doing something different.

I was never terribly keen on going out before all this, but would persuade myself that I needed something or I was really bored. But now it feels like going out is a bit dangerous and also a policeman could ask me why I am out and I know I would look guilty. No matter my reason. ( no one has actually asked me what I am doing any time I’ve been out ….so far.) Then I need to make sure I have a mask and gloves and my document and a pen to finish filling it in as I wasn’t sure how to finish it.

None of this is a really big deal. I have done lots of really scary things in my life so a little thing like this should not bother me….. but after I decided I would wait till monday to go out I was so happy and relaxed.

It’s been a good day. Wrote a nice long email before I got up this morning and then did some more editing. I remembered to do yoga. And enjoyed breakfast outside in my little bar which I am now calling .BAR NUMERO NOVE.

I spent about an hour looking through stuff on twitter but found a very helpful article explaining why no one can be certain about anything relating to this virus . It was quite reassuring and I think only goes to prove that being treated like an adult is much better than being fed a diet of ” there there dear” lies designed for children.

After that I varnished my wisteria. And then feeling inspired ( and it was only 20 mins till lunch time) I started my next big painting by using up all the old paint watered down and covering the whole canvas.

After a small siesta with a book. (Thank goodness am on to another book where hopefully the main character is not such an idiot. ) I remembered to check my post box and found the bill. It might be possible to pay online with an app but I couldn’t get it to work.

I thought that I would just quickly draw in some hills on my painting and have now painted most of them roughly. Am pleased with progress so far. Am still using the ….” I will only do 10 mins work system” to trick myself into working. Maybe I really am very , very lazy.!

After that I persuaded myself that I didn’t need to go out tonight for my prescription and then I would wait till monday.

Which is why I am sitting at the table instead of in my comfy armchair with feet up on the chest , writing this. I am proving to myself that things can change and I will be ok.

What a big feardy!!!

Wine time now

Bar numero nove. Even more roses blooming today.
More roses.
Using up the old paint and covering the white canvas
Roughly painted in all the hills now. I love this stage of a painting where its loose and exciting.

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