Day 54 staying home in Pisticci…..painted the actual floor

I’ve had proper floor paint since I moved back here last year but at first the floor was damp and then I quite liked the undercoat and just left it. But it has been looking a bit rough and even with rose tinted glasses I couldn’t even describe it as a distressed paint effect. I also think that I was a little embarrassed with myself because of being scared to go out so I thought I had better do something important to “big” myself up again.

I thought it would be a big job and take all day , and that I would need 2 coats. However about half way through it was obvious that there would not be enough paint for another coat. I had moved some furniture, turned up the edges of the rugs and brushed the floor so I felt well prepared. I used a little brush to paint all round the edges first so that it looks quite neat. I remembered about using the toilet before I started to fill in the main part of the floor and unlatched the main door so I could get in to the other side of my house. I had the door wide open in the part I was painting. So I carefully painted myself out the door and admired the nice job I had made before heading to my other door. Only it wouldn’t open because I had only partly un latched it and it was still fastened at the top. I was a bit taken aback. I considered sitting outside for a couple of hours then decided that was not a good plan. I had the paint and a brush with me so I took my shoes off and carefully threw them one at a time in the door and round the corner through the narrow doorway into the workroom. Then I walked carefully backwards in my socks , painting carefully over the footprints I was leaving and arrived in the workroom beside my shoes. ( my socks are in the bin….but no footprints on the floor.)

It took about 2 hours before I could tiptoe over it into the toilet.

But it looks great and very professional. ( well, I think so😀) I am very pleased with it and I have enough left to touch up any little accidents for some time.

I wasn’t going to do anything else after that but my big painting was just sitting there and after some good advice to leave it loose I thought I ‘d just do the sky for fun….and it was. I used a big brush and enjoyed myself. Ons thing led to another and I finished the big tree and added some more colour to the valley and darkened the foreground . I love it.

My plan is to paint poppies and spring flowers at the front but will see how that goes. I think I am at the stage where the painting tells me what it needs so I will see what happens. How exciting is that!!

There goes the singing from the church. It doesn’t matter that it must be a recording. It’s lovely.

Am back to sitting in my old yellow armchair with my feet up on the chest writing this . The door is still open , I can hear the cowbells and the wind is blowing the net curtain in the doorway. It’s fairly blissful …….

I have spoken to two people in passing today. Who would have thought that would be news.

I read something today that said something along the lines of ” a third of the world’s population are all cooperating together to stop the virus and protect each other. ” Thats more cheerful than hearing more lies. I realise that because I want the ” goodies”( in my opinion) to win in the end I have been getting a bit discouraged .

It’s Friday and wine time. Another week done. And in 2 days time I am allowed to go for a walk…..hurray!!! ( not that I ever really wanted to go for a walk before … but when I couldn’t! )

Before….. it really didnt look very good
After…. looks pretty darn amazing
Close up of big landscape

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