Day 9 of phase 2 in Pisticci…….I think I preferred phase 1.

It was less complicated. I stayed at home. Went shopping once a week and to the Farmacia when necessary. And so did everyone else.

Now I feel as if I could go shopping twice a week if I want to and I could walk all over Pisticci.

I dont think I can meet friends for coffee or lunch but maybe I could say hello if we were both out for a walk. I think I should wear a mask any time I meet someone.

Other people translate the rules differently and so I am working out what I am comfortable doing and what not.

As I write this I am smiling as, what have I got to complain about compared to the english. Now that’s complicated. !!

So , so far I am very much in favour of masks. The more I read the more I think why not wear them. Or a scarf . Everyone could do that and it does seem there is more and more evidence that it does help .

Then having people in my gallery/ bedroom. Am thinking that if it looks like people want to look at paintings then , masks on , keep your distance and dont touch. And I wont invite anyone into my living space. And if I look like getting busy then I wont sleep there either.

It looks like it will be a lot of trial and error. And maybe that will be ok for now, but there are more signs of the virus returning throughout the world. So am planning on being careful.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. Every time I go shopping I come back a bit depressed. I used to vary my shopping a bit but now its exactly the same every week because that is all I can carry. Some things are too heavy so I don’t buy them . Realistically I am probably eating a very balanced diet but it might resemble rationing. ( When I believe everyone ate healthily… just a bit boring. ) I am excluding wine and chocolate from that …..but the dark chocolate has now run out and there wont be any more until autumn!

However I am embarrassed to be complaining as firstly am not dead, starving, homeless or being bombed so therefore I should be grateful. But sometimes I am just fed up trying . I think it helps if I let myself feel hard done by and sad about whats gone and not being able to make things change. And then stop.

And so the day passed. I planted my lightweight cheap plant which might be purple peppers or mini aubergines. But which are the most beautiful colour.

I thought about starting my new painting and got the colours all set out on my palette. I have drawn 2 pencil lines where the hills might be so far. I did also tidy out a lot of photos and then attempt to make the bins look neater. Neither activity was particularly satisfactory.

I answered quite a few emails which needed replies. That felt constructive.

Have decided that I will work on the painting all day for next 3 days . Have the weekend off and finish it on monday.

I was going to write this outside to see if it made a difference but it was too distracting. Nice though…. and I found another strawberry……

Wine aided blog writing…..
My little purple..” things”. I don’t know if the that big plant on the left is a weed or not. If it doesnt hurry up and have a flower it will be pulled out.
Thank goodness for cats……

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