Day 10 of phase 2 in Pisticci…… just chilling

I have the door open because the church service is being broadcast over the town from the mother church. ( chiesa madre)

Having said that there is someone selling fruit and vegetables…strawberries, new potatoes, onions and other things who is also broadcasting, from his van, so there is a bit of a contest between the church and commerce.

The day started well when I found 2 strawberries and thought I would photograph them along with chocolate and my coffee outside at my little bar. Sometimes a photo just works, the light is good and a good composition composes itself.

I think I would like to paint it. But really big.

Am getting quite excited about painting my own stuff. ( thank you Sandra) I have a big canvas roll and now I have a clear wall to use. It appeals to me to make a lot of big paintings to illustrate this year from my perspective.

I even had a radical thought that maybe I should only do a maximum of 2 commissions a month and not for less than €100 each. .

I watched another prog. about David Hockney and am so impressed with his curiosity to try new things. ( and his portraits.) I hope we can soon meet friends again because I want to paint them. Maybe I should start to look for more canvas and paint…..

Today I worked on a commission. It’s a copy of a small painting and it is going ok. I am planning to change or rather add some more flowers than are in the original painting because I think it would be fun. I am just learning how to paint flowers and sometimes they are better than others. Lack of patience is a problem. But I am making some progress.

It’s nice to feel chilled and relaxed today.

There is a report on facebook saying that the people of Pisticci are virtuous in obeying the rules in the lockdown. That’s nice. There are 2 new cases of the virus today in Basilicata. .

I am fairly sure that the big festa has been cancelled in Pisticci this August. It was a bit hard to read as the writing was so small. That is a very big deal. I think the way to get through this year is to prepare for next year.

However it is now wine time . The church service is still going on. It makes me feel connected. Am lucky to be spending this time here in Pisticci.

The best way to begin the day…….
Stage one when I cover the canvas with whatever colours I feel like.
Stage 2 when I mostly use a big brush to paint in the shapes of the hills and then add some light and dark to make it look more 3 dimensional.

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