Day 12 of phase 2 in Pisticci….. taking back control….

That is a bit of a play on the ” taking back control ” which was supposed to be the benefit of brexit. Nuff said!!

This morning I woke up a little worried as not only was my painting feeling like a big struggle but also the new book which I had confidently started on Monday was not working either.

Also the gas in my cooker was running out.

So i decided to “take back control.”

First, I went back to the same way I wrote the first book. Then I changed the title to something less confining but still relevant and now I am ok again. I reminded myself why I am doing it and that if I am bored then so would be anyone who read it. And it would be nice if at least one person read it so …..( am not aiming high. To finish is my principle aim. )

That fixed ….am past 2000 words, I moved on to the next problem. Running out of gas. It would possibly last until Monday and if not I could have used the microwave for most things , but I decided to contact my good friend and ask for help to get another gas cannister. I was happy to wait till next week when maybe even a visit would be possible , but I was even happier to have it delivered before lunch time .

So on to the painting. I actually started working on it around 9am and have mostly painted all day…. interspersed with more David Hockney videos. And ending with a ” how to paint like David Hockney” prog. I only want to paint portraits a bit like him and it was based on a swimming pool painting but it was quite interesting nonetheless.

I also listened to more tales of Sherlock Holmes because not only are they a little bit funny because of the way they are written but the man reading this particular edition has the most beautiful voice. ( I am on the 3d time listening to it all.😀)

It’s great to listen to while painting.

The painting is progressing. It’s better than yesterday but will take at least 2 more days work. And it is going very slowly…..and I am going to have to order more yellow paint. Leaves are very , very, very boring to paint. These ones are too foreground to just make a green splosh and hope it looks ok and too many to spend hours painting each one individually. My plan is to …..well actually I am not sure I have a plan. I know what shape they are and roughly how they grow and that I need to be careful not to be too regular. ( It’s amazing how ordered I get without noticing and leaves do not generally grow in lines or are exactly the same size or have shadows and highlights in all the same places…..except in my paintings!!! ) But It is better than yesterday and I do feel a bit more in control. ( sort of)

Its been very hot outside today but I have been inside . I like working inside when its warm out. It’s great now that I can use my work room. And the canvas pinned to the wall is working out well.

I have spent hardly any time on my phone today so I don’t  know what is happening in the world. I checked and there were no positive cases of the virus in Basilicata  today but that was all. It feels important to check just incase.

Am glad it is Friday. I probably will carry on painting leaves etc tomorrow because I want it finished. Maybe I will have a weekend on Monday…..

So now the weekend of sorts begins. Been a satisfactory week and on monday I think cafes and restaurants open here and perhaps other stuff….who knows…….

Mmmmm…… getting there….

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