Day 4 of relative freedom in Pisticci……early mornings

That is the second day running that I have woken up about 5am. I don’t mind when it’s this time of year. Soon it will be too hot to comfortably go outside after 10am.

I am quite enjoying having an hour in bed writing emails and my phone diary. Today I made a new list on Twitter with people I had known a long time . Since Brexit I had added a lot more political commentators and they are very interesting , but for the days I don’t want to be depressed by politics then I will just read my ” happy list”. They might not all be happy but they feel like friends and that is different.

By 9am this morning I had washed my hair, had breakfast, written some more of my latest writing thingy, found my new “spot” to work from for the summer and drawn a sweet little dog in pyjamas. ( My daughter’s dog) And I remembered my 5 salutes to the sun. It won’t make me fit but it keeps me bendy.

I thought about drawing something else but couldn’t decide. It was raining and cold outside so flowers were not possible.

Luckily after lunch the weather cheered up so I went out and weeded my garden, rearranged pots and cut some big weeds at the end of the road with shears. It’s looking very tidy now.

Today my pen for drawing on my kindle arrived ( it works!) And my new paint arrived. So am all prepared for something ……

I had better go and get dressed now as I have my first visitor in over 2 months arriving soon.

My new writing spot, will mostly have the door open.
Did this with the app in my kindle just using my finger
A few subtle changes in the arrangement of pots.
My design on a duvet…..the dog is wearing pyjamas after all……

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