Day 5 of relative freedom in Pisticci…..yawn…

Slept in until 5.30am. Yawn!

Was tired until lunch time and have been hungry all day.

Decided to go for a walk up the red brick road and took my kindle with me. Got a third of the way up and saw that some guys ftom the commune were strimming so turned round and headed back. Then I remembered I had brought the kindle so I took it out and couldn’t see anything. ( have spent part of the afternoon looking at how to make a sunshade for it.)

After that , not wanting to go back with nothing to show I tried my phone and I could see the screen on it but doubted if colours would show up well. Also there was a strong wind and the poppies wouldnt stay still. ..

I went home. Half a walk was better than nothing I suppose. Had another lie down

Then I watched more videos showing some of David Hockney’s Ipad paintings and he had painted all sorts of things including glasses and flowers and really whatever was available.

Now suitably inspired I got my plastic bottle from Malta ( I couldn’t afford a souvenir so I cut the top off it and painted it white to use as a vase.) Which had some artificial pink flowers and some dried roses in it and started to work on it. I am hoping that working on a screen will improve my painting. I used my new stylus. It was great.

It felt good to have made something .It was being a bit of a long day.

Finally I took my phone outside and knelt down to draw a red flower in one of my pots. After a while my legs hurt. Rather than get a cushion or something to sit on I just sat cross legged on the ground. That might not have been one of my better ideas because I am now feeling a bit itchy and twitchy.

Finished though and that was the second image to go on today. It would be very cheering if I actually started selling a few items. ( I get a small percentage of anything sold). However it is good fun and costs me nothing.

I think I am missing being locked down. Am having to decide more things and make choices. And create a new ( extraordinary) normal .

Yeah….winetime….its been a long day from 5 .30am……yawn……

Is so nice to not have to be perfect….
Not exactly accurate but full of life …..
I thought this looked good. I can change the backgrounds to any colour I like.
I think I would wear this…..if I liked my arms 😕

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