Day 6 of relative freedom in Pisticci…..early morning colours…

I didn’t mean to wake up early today. After all it’s saturday. But my head said different! And at 4am I was wide awake. Eventually I got up about 6am and opened the door to see what the weather was like. Because it was so early the colours were fantastic.It is worth getting up just to see. It was so beautiful that I rushed back inside, fixed my lipstick ( well, anyone could have passed by.) And got my kindle and new pen…stylus.

I could see the screen as I was not in direct sunlight and I had adjusted the brightness to full on. I have worked out a system whereby I draw roughly where everything is and then add colours with a big brush thingy and then neaten it up at the end with a thinner brush or a fat crayon . Not complicated. If I used everything available I might feel like I was cheating. There is a thingy that makes leaves and stars and stuff. At the minute that feels like a step too far for me. I am just happy that I know which symbol is the eraser.

It was so exciting as there is a time limit when outside as the light changes and there were lovely dark purple shadows. ( when I finished they were half the size.) Also I hadn’t had breakfast and I can’t paint when I am hungry.

It took me about an hour. I had to guess a little with colours and something that wouldn’t bother a lot of people is being able to see close up and far away without taking glasses off and on. When I sell my other house along with going to the dentist, I plan to get the new prescription I need for my reading glasses.

Despite hunger and peering at the screen I was really pleased with the result.. I still have difficulty believing that quite a lot of the time , ( not every time) I can decide to draw something and it works.

By 9.30am my latest image was on and I was wondering what to do next.

Am still tired . I could have gone for a walk or gone shopping but didn’t.

I flicked through Twitter and marvelled at how some people can break laws with impunity. Obviously if Dominic Cummings has been fired or resigned by now then I am happy to be wrong.

I watched some more art videos , read my latest book on my very very old Kindle and had lunch. It really is a long day when you get up early.

And I feel hungry a lot , which is how I found my second subject to draw today. It was an antique ( well I bought it at an antiques market and it’s old.) Puppet. I felt sorry for it just hanging about and looking sad. It sits on the dresser as the strings have all broken. I couldn’t throw it out but I don’t know what to do with it. It used to hang up on the corner of cupboards or on a handy nail but it kept falling down . So now it sits sadly on the dresser ignored….. until today.

So far everything I have drawn on the kindle or phone has been from life. This time I decided to use my phone because I can make a bigger image even though its on a smaller screen. I don’t know why.

That took me about an hour and it’s now on

Part of my plan this week was to put more images on so have certainly done that.

And to my surprise it was nearly 5pm.

It’s not even been a week since the new relative freedom started. It hasn’t made a very big difference so far. Or maybe it’s taking me a while to get out there……or maybe I just like being at home by myself….

My lovely colourful street this morning.
Now its on a book.
My little sad stringless puppet…..
Now as an art print with a dashing red background.

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