Day 7 of relative freedom in Pisticci…….more visitors

Am sitting outside at my “bar” with a half glass of wine , writing this and feeling very content. I am also wearing slightly good clothes instead of work ones which helps too.

I had visitors this morning.

I was a bit nervous as I had not met them before. We had only communicated by email . They were coming to look at paintings . I tried to calm my nerves by dusting…but where would I stop …  my whole house is full of things to dust….and there was no time. I compromised by leaving my bright pink feather duster in full view on the end of the bed. ridiculous I know , but  these would be only the second people I would speak to in person in over 2 months.

They were lovely. It was a treat to have visitors and now I know it’s  possible to have a normal conversation wearing a mask. I might have spoken rather a lot…..James used to say I would chatter away like a budgie, but after having been repeatedly described as quiet for 40 years , I took that as a compliment. And it was nice to be talking to people and not cats …or flowers… or James’ s portrait. None of whom answer.

It was such a nice time that I am beginning to think I won’t  become a hermit after all. …maybe.

After lunch it was nice to sit about and watch a few more art videos , read a bit and remind myself that it was Sunday. 

I spent quite a lot of time looking online to see what is happening with dominic cummings. 

Eventually I thought I might have a go at a self portrait on my kindle …a bit like some of David Hockneys portraits. So I got my painting chair and sat on it in front of the mirror.

It was fun but a bit painful as it’s  neccessary  to sit fairly still and I was a bit hunched so my back hurt.

However I am pleased with the result.  It took quite a lot of confidence to do as it is a small surface and so everything had to be put in the right place. I didnt do any measuring as I would have moved and I wanted to see if I could do it by looking carefully. 

And now its wine time . For the first time it is actually  hot sitting out here. There is almost always a wind in my street and the last few nights it has been cold.

Tomorrow I may be meeting someone to discuss painting a mural.

But tonight I am just nicely happy ….

Not bad for a first try…..
Cheers! Have a good sunday evening.

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