11 days of relative freedom in Pisticci…..bit of a dippy day….

It all started so well. No 4am awakening and some nice dreams about painting where I really felt I was using a brush and colours.

Then I dyed my hair and worked out where I want to go next with writing and felt much more cheerful about it than I have in several days.

Because the wind had dropped I was able to sit outside with a coffee at my little bar. It was a beautiful morning.

Then I discovered that my wifi was down and I dont have any internet on my phone. I considered having a small melt down….but couldnt be bothered and thought maybe I should paint the view from my bar on my phone instead. So I spent about 45 mins doing that until it got very windy.

As I was finishing there was a shout from on high and my neighbour, possibly feeling helpful ….or not…. said among a lot of stuff I didn’t understand , that cars could not get past my garden. ( that had been my plan when we were all remaining at home and I didnt want anyone parking their car outside my house for weeks.) However I suppose it could not have gone on for ever. Though I rather unfairly would have liked to have metaphorically shot the messenger today. .

It took me 10 mins to rearrange the pots and then later I moved the table. I was quite sad. I loved having a little space that felt like mine. Now I will likely be back on the doorstep. I had been liking being a bit more visible….though as there was mostly no one there …..

It definitely feels like a loss.

Then the delivery man who brought my parcels to my door when we couldn’t go out ( so he knows where I live!) Phoned to say he had left my parcel at the furthest away cafe in Pisticci. He was off the phone before I could protest.

So I had a mump about that too. Its ok for people with transport. mump!!!

Then just to add to the jolliness I got a letter saying that I hadn’t paid my last electric bill for my other house.

That was fairly stressful as first I had to understand it and there was no way I wanted to phone the electricity company. ( I didn’t get the bill.)

So , not in a good mood at all I decided to look for the ENEL site on my laptop. Found it and it said I hadn’t paid 2 bills !!!!! Pretty sure I have but I couldn’t find the previous one. It will be filed in a coat pocket somewhere.

I then spent ages trying to pay by paypal online. Wouldn’t work. So then I tried to print out a copy of the bill and around then I remembered that the printer was only connected to my phone. Another half hour passed until I managed to get the printer connected. ( that is a plus. I should have done it before now.)

Then I tried one more time to pay by paypal doing exactly as I had done previously …..and it worked. I have an email confirming it. Wow!!!

Next I tried to access the wotsit for getting your bills by email. It didn’t work.

In the middle of this my friend cancelled as she was ill. ( possibly a lucky escape for her.)

And I got a commission for a portrait.

Having felt that I had acheived very little I thought I had better get on with the cat sign boards which was what I would have been doing if I hadn’t been sorting out all the other stuff.

That went better…. thank goodness , though I have only nearly finished the first one.

Now I am late for wine time …….suppose it could have been worse…….

It still looks nice but not the same.
Very glad that I did this this morning. Now its quite special.
On a floor cushion….
Pleased with this

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