12 days of relative freedom in Pisticci….and 5 days till even more new normal…

I went out to do stuff this morning. And apart from most people wearing masks things seemed almost normal. I am surprised by how I am adapting.

This morning I had to go to the doctors to collect a prescription and apart from the masks and checking to see if the waiting room was empty it was no big deal.

Then I went to pick up my parcel where it had been left in the bar. That went exactly as the last time I had been there.

After that I went to the hardware shop where the owner’s wife was wearing a lovely white and silver mask. We had a nice short conversation as I tried to see through steamed up glasses. I had just walked up a steep hill and several sets of steps to get there ! Now I have enough white paint and varnish to deal with most projects.

Finally I waited outside the Farmacia and for the first time I felt well disposed towards all the people wearing masks. After all they were also looking out for me. It was a nice thought.

Almost everyone has a mask and most people are wearing them properly , rather than having them under their chin.

I was out for almost an hour. It doesn’t seem much maybe but that is the longest I have been away from home since the beginning of march.

I had coffee out at my newly positioned table this morning. Its pretty ok. Nice view. Very private. Not as private as the doorstep though…curious….

Have just had a visit from a lady who used to live in my house when she was little. In normal times I would have invited her in but instead we looked at the flowers and talked about living alone. ( well, I think that’s what we talked about. 🤔)

I finished my other cat signpost today and had planned to do another phone sketch, but an hour long phone call interrupted that.

So now it’s Friday and I have a potential plan for tomorrow. I wrote more than 1000 words this morning which made up for the 50 the previous day. I am definitely in work mode again and am trying not to lose the peace I found in the last months. I don’t want to go back to normal. Not at all.

New view from my table. ( the sunny view.)
Looking the other way….storm forecast.
Am really pleased with these. I haven’t painted many cats before.

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