Summer in Pisticci…..back to work….

Maybe it was paying my WIFI bill this morning made me wonder when I would next earn any money. I had the mural last month and I have 3 paintings waiting to be collected since before the virus. There was talk of another portrait in the future. ……

As so often happens I met someone on the way home who wants to come round and look at paintings of Pisticci. Possibly tonight……

Most of the paintings of Pisticci I have done recently have been commissions and I have just started my new series of still lives ( including paintings of pisticci) but I didn’t think that would do.

Arriving home I had a look round and decided to take 2 paintings I did for myself which included Pisticci and put them in the gallery . So that was 2. Then by accident I found a long thin one which I had started and never finished. So along with several old ones and some watercolours I would have some to show. I am right off painting rows of little white houses at the minute. However this was small and would mean I had painted something commercial.

It took longer than I thought but it’s done and looks respectable.

Now I am free to carry on with my next still life. I have already painted the canvas an orangey colour.

It would be funny if I sold the new one tonight. I have in the past finished one at lunch time and sold it that evening. Not for a while though.

Now it’s wine time again.

I have painted thhs view so many times.
Took this photo today when I was up at the church reluctantly attempting to draw it on my kindle.
My gladiola…..I love the mixture of real and painted.

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