October in Pisticci…..new technology has arrived!!!

The postman came to the door twice . So after  the first knock. ( ink for my printer) I was resigned to getting my new tablet tomorrow.  However another postman arrived about 2 hours later with another package. Hurray!!

It was seriously well wrapped by the person selling it and took me at least 5 minutes to carefully cut through all the parcel tape and empty out all the scrunched up paper plus what looked like 2 hoover filters . And there it was. ….

It didn’t  take long to charge and in the meantime I printed off lots of pages of instructions. Complete waste of time as I found it’s just like my phone. ( which was what I was hoping) There is only one problem which is that it says it is incompatible with the painting app which I have been using.  That seems a bit strange as I have it on my kindle fire and my samsung phone.

I might have to look for another app , but this time I will chose more carefully  as I know that I will use it.

It’s  a risk buying something secondhand so am hoping it will be ok in general. ( my old kindle was secondhand ten years ago and was still working this afternoon.)

I went out this morning even though it was quite cold. I even put jeans on instead of thinner flowery leggings.  Unfortunately a lot of my jeans have paint on them so I spent 10 minutes colouring over a particularly obvious red mark. You can hardly see it now.

I had to stop and zip up my coat half way up the brick road so I thought it would be sensible to find a warm place to sit.I found a nice seat in the sun.  20 minutes later I  had taken my jacket off and was very hot. The sunshine was so strong that it was difficult to see the screen. I left when the painting was about half done.

It’s  not the same working from a photo. The colours are different.

I have a few technical things to work out yet it seems. Next time hopefully J will be using my new tablet with the  bigger screen. Exciting. !

Am going to a market tomorrow with friends.  My plan is to look at the secondhand stall and maybe get some winter clothes. Last year I spent €10 on my winter wardrobe. I could manage with what I have now …..but I was tempted….

I still don’t  know what to paint next on canvas . Hope I come up with some ideas soon.

Now am waiting for a friend to arrive and we have a lot of catching up to do.🍷🍷

Todays view.
Photo of same view.
I thought this was lovely.

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