October in Pisticci….been out and going out again…..

Going out is still a bit of a big deal. That’s the truth. After 2 months of staying in by myself it is taking a long time to feel like going out casually again. Not counting that ” casually” now includes mask wearing, social distancing and hand sanitzer. Oh, and also there were not a lot of things to go out to.

But today , along with trying to charge my new piece of technology, I have been to a street market in another town and been for a walk on the beach. And I am going out tonight as well ….exactly what for I am not sure, apart from I will be speaking english.

It was lovely to be back at the market. I think that might be the first time this year .

I had €10 to spend on my winter wardrobe at the second hand stall . I could say that I am into recycling clothes…..or that everything was €2 each. 😁

I have er…recycled 4 jumpers and a gorgeous fleecy nightdress.

Am very happy! I really miss retail therapy.

( I should say that everyone at the market was wearing a mask and it didn’t seem particularly strange. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and buying lots of stuff.)

I nearly said, no thanks, as I had already had a lovely time at the market.

But I wondered who was it made the rule that one really nice thing was all I was allowed in one day.

I went to the beach. I haven’t been this year.

It was lovely. I miss the sea.

Feeling pleasantly relaxed and invigorated by all that sea air and happy buying I checked my phone and there was an invite for tonight.

And…..there is more….. I’ve just had an enquiry about some of my digital images. I would be delighted to sell some .It would mean that I would have an incentive to carry on going out and painting from life and no problems with post offices.

I am investigating how to do this properly without getting all stressed about how I should have done this that and the next thing.

Now I have about an hour before I go out….AGAIN!

May need to have a quiet weekend to recover…….

Only saw 3 fishermen and 2 sunbathers
All the beach bars are gone or going. ..

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