October in Pisticci….nothing that a head transplant wouldn’t  fix……

I ‘ve just noticed that it’s  World Mental Health Day.

After a lovely day (….and evening yesterday. I had a good time speaking english as loudly as I could with some great  people. Am looking forward to the next time.)

Today was a bit of a disappointment. 

I seem to have spent all day either getting frustrated with new technology or lying about and falling asleep. It is the weekend when relaxing is ok. But it wasn’t  what I had planned.

I didn’t  paint anything today because I spent hours trying to download a drawing app onto my new tablet. I downloaded several , tried them out and then uninstalled them. I tried to install the Artflow one I have been using in  various ways , but none of them worked. I even went so far as to  try drawing something outside with another app, but it was not good.

On the plus side at least I have managed to contact the seller of my tablet and now it is charging. Even if it is in the shower room. I only have 2 wall sockets in my house. (There were three, but one went on fire. ) so the tablet  is now balancing on the towel hangers . Not ideal .

I have been tired like I was today off and on all year. I think it is mostly in my head . ( hence noticing “mental health day”)

But stopping and restarting seems to help. Its a bit like the tablet ….lots of struggling to make something work with no success….give up and clear everything.  Take a break and start again the next day.

Obviously it would be ” better” if I was full of energy, and expert on computing, spoke Italian fluently, had oodles of  self confidence  and great  determination . As I said ….nothing that a head transplant wouldnt fix.

Roll on tomorrow. …

Wine time now…..with the nice wine…. fish fingers to come and maybe more of ” life in squares ” to watch .

And tomorrow is a new day……

New use for towel hangers
Cold out here……


  1. Have you tried the Sketches app by Tayasui it’s very smooth and has a lovely watercolour effect. Simple and easy to use. I have it on my iPads but it’s available for Android too.

  2. I would also suggest ArtRage for Android. There’s a free version and the paid is very cheap, again I use this on an iPad but it’s a very powerful app yet straightforward.

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