October in Pisticci…..made up for yesterday…..

Decided that I couldn’t  have another day of being tired so just kept going and everything was just fine. I should really use tired and bored interchangeably. 

I needed to go shopping. Today my glasses steamed up a lot. Over the summer it rarely happened. So I was obliged to go round the supermarket peering at things while my glasses sat on top of my head. That was my excuse for buying milk  chocolate.

However no cheap fish fingers was a bit of a blow. I refuse to pay nearly €4  for the other ones , even if they have more actual fish in them ….I am probably eating bits of fish that if I saw for real I wouldn’t touch , but I’ve eaten haggis so how bad could it be. I like haggis.

When I was speaking english loudly on Friday night I was asked ,”what are typical scottish dishes.” I said there weren’t  any ….maybe I just haven’t  heard of any or I was embarrassed  to say ” mince ‘n turnip and “tatties”. . Scottish baking is different. Oatcakes, scones, selkirk bannock and shortbread and more.

Enough of food…..is not one of my specialist  subjects.

Having strode back from the supermarket in a self created fog. I didn’t like to sit down incase I  got tired/bored.

I found a tube of squishy filler stuff and went upstairs  into my attic winter bedroom and filled…..very badly and with complete lack of care…some big gaps between the tiles to stop plaster dropping on my face when I am asleep. There was a certain satisfaction in doing a messy horrible job as I am the only one who will see it. And I don’t care. It should do the job. It just looks lumpy and untidy.

After that I pottered about on my new technology and found a more satisfactory painting app where I could share the images. That took some time. I have 2 apps now. But I may still find a better one. However one of them lets me paint where the colours mix. That’s weird ….but fun.

This afternoon I sat outside and did a rough sketch in about 50 minutes. I discovered I could change the background colour which cheered me up . I have a plan to try portraits on the bigger screen this week.

I was on a roll so I paid off my credit card and paid my electric bill online. It usually takes me a week to psyche myself up to check my bank account.  Impressive!

I’ve also asked a friend to help me get pellets for my stove. I don’t like asking for help . But I don’t like being cold even more.

And now it’s wine time . My tablet is in the shower room charging. The flowers are watered and I have enough fish fingers for tonight ….. happy sunday evening…🍷🍷

First proper try on new tablet.
This is on the other app which doesn’t seem to let me share the images.
And this was pure fun experimenting.

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