October in Pisticci …..rain , biscuits and a portrait…..

I feel like I’ve been busy all day, but I am not sure what kept me busy.

It has rained off and on all day. I lit my stove this morning for real….not just a practice like a couple of weeks ago. It was very pleasant to sit at my little green half -table desk and have the stove burning at the other side of the room.

I was obliged to jam the picture frame, which holds up the back of the table, more firmly into place before my laptop slowly slid backwards away from me.

James cut a table in half and used his half as a bedside table. I got the other half which made a great computer table. He really ought to have put some support on the back as after a while it started to lean backwards. I fixed this problem by jamming the wooden frame , coincidentally made by James, up the back. I like it a lot. It has a story like lots of my stuff. It’s painted green and as he was colour blind it is entirely possible that he thought he had painted it brown. I didn’t ask.

As it was raining and I had asked someone for ” afternoon tea” I thought I might see if I could bake something.

I had porage oats, sultanas, eggs, crushed peanuts, marge , and cinnamon. I found some icing sugar and tipped that in too. Mixed all together and squished in a tin , cooked for 40 mins and I had biscuits which were actually quite nice despite my lack of effort.

After that watched an interview with a cornish figurative painter on youtube .

After lunch I started work on a portrait of one of my grand daughters on my new tablet. It was not easy, but interesting. I am not finished but I like it so far.

Afternoon tea with a friend was fun. We are going to do an art project together.

And now it’s wine time. And tomorrow the sun should be back. 🍷🍷

Experimenting with a different background colour
All set up and ready to work……
Beautiful dark grey sky this morning.

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