October in Pisticci…..40 bags of pellets…..

I had no intention of ordering pellets today . I didn’t know I could . I thought I was dependent on kind friends dropping off several bags at a time. ( And I hate asking for help.) I remember looking online earlier in the year and mostly you had to buy a lot and they were almost double the price.

However I had heard someone talking about a sort of local ebay in facebook. So I had a look and there was someone local selling them. I contacted them about 11am . Asked if they delivered. And they arrived before 1pm.

I had a busy hour or so folding my bed back into a sofa . ( 5 bags of pellets fit nicely underneath) and moving things around so I could make more space …..as well as moving all the things from behind the door so I could open both sides. I wasn’t exactly sure how much room I would need for 40 bags. But I was confident that I could fit them in somehow.

And I have. They are all out of sight .

It was a great feeling , organising it all by myself. I had set aside money from selling paintings in the summer to cover up to 50 bags. So if I need more I have enough for another 10 bags . I don’t actually know how much I use. It varies from week to week.

This morning after my usual 40 mins writing stuff, I thought I would start my project that I’m doing with a friend. My idea is to spend no more than 20 minutes on it and then I will enjoy it. And I will draw on my phone. It’s great just now . I feel as if I have a small sketchpad (phone) , a middle sized one ( kindle fire) and a bigger one ( samsung tablet) I am having so much fun drawing on screens that I am not at all motivated to paint on canvas.

Today I drew part of a little wildflower that grows in my garden. I even had time to put it on Redbubble.com afterwards. All done on my phone. Sometimes I think it’s all magic. The design looks good on phone covers and even on a mask. That was very satisfying.

In fact it was a very satisfactory day. And tonight I will be moving back into my attic bedroom . I have the electric blanket on at low right now to make sure its not damp. So I get to be like ” Heidi” again for the next few months.

The stove has been on since about 4pm . There was a storm forecast tonight but, I am warm, drinking the good wine, and found a new ” cop series” on youtube. Feel very fortunate. ( even though I’ve run out of fish fingers 😔)

Cheers 🍷🍷

Some of the pellets…..now you see them…
Now you don’t. They make a good shelf for displaying paintings
My little wildflower

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