October in Pisticci….hurray it’s the weekend…..

I am feeling better, the third portrait is finished, the washing is done, the shopping is in the cupboard, my project drawing is done and I wrote about 500 words in the afternoon.

I had a lovely chat with my daughter and I have a vague plan for tomorrow which includes maybe drawing out of doors on my new, to me, tablet.

Next week maybe will be a good time to paint some things for my sale. Not sure what subject yet, but I have some small canvases to start with.

I might go to a local art exhibition on Sunday evening…..if I can find it.

Maybe I’ll patch some slipper socks . It’s very satisfying giving things a new lease of life.

I was thinking that if I haven’t sold my other house by next spring then I will see if I can rent it to someone for 3 months. This summer in June , July and August we were virtually virus free. I don’t want to rent it to lots of people, but there must be someone somewhere who would like to get away from everything and spend 3 months in Italy. That way the person could quarantine themselves to start with and I wouldn’t need to worry about tourists coming from all over. Seems like a good plan at the minute.

Next week I need to go for a walk every day to keep myself cheerful. Hopefully that’ll include a bit of drawing and maybe a coffee too.

Now it’s Friday wine time…..am working my way through episodes of Wexford on youtube . With a bit of Graham Norton if I need cheering up . I am on my last ‘ Oxford tea room mysteries”. They have been perfect for this week.

My washing looking quite cheerful
3d portrait
I did this one first
I had a lot of trouble with this one.

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