October in Pisticci….day by day…

Today’s day started early .About 4am. As I had gone to bed at 8pm I shouldn’t have been surprised to wake up then.

I lay there wondering as I was now awake if I should get up and then go out later to the church and try to paint the sunrise. I wasn’t sure what to do so I looked up the weather. Good. Then I thought I was very sensible indeed I looked up what time sunrise was. It was 7.12am. I had plenty of time. So I got up , washed my hair and had breakfast. I didn’t open the shutters until later as I didn’t want to disappoint the little cat which might be sitting outside waiting for breakfast.

It was foggy outside! That had not been in my plan. I thought it might lift before 7am.

So just before 7 I got my jacket on, put my kindle in my rucksack and strolled round to the church. I could only see the houses nearest me. The castle was only a dark shape at times and invisible the rest of the time. It was very lovely. ( despite lack of sun.) And so quiet….until the bells in the little church rang right behind me….and then the big church bells began. That was followed by a lady opening her door, screaming loudly and disappearing back inside. My first thought was that she had seem me and thought I was a ghost I was wearing my mask. But I don’t think she could see me from where she was.

I waited until 7.12am just incase there was a hint of red through the gloom. Nothing.!

I took some photos and smiled to myself all the way back home. I wouldn’t have missed that time for the world.

Feeling unreasonably successful my next job was to go to the bank, then to the post office and pay 2 bills. By 8.15am I was waiting outside the post office which opens at 8.30am. I was second in the queue. By now I was not wearing my glasses . I had taken them off two or three minutes after I left home . I think it was the humidity. It was impossible to use them. That was a bit strange. I could see much more than I thought I would though in the distance things were a little hazy and when I did put the glasses back on suddenly everything was clear….but I could see cars and people close up without them.

On the way past the tabacchi I decided to put more money on my phone. I was working on the assumption that another lockdown was possible.

Next stop was the supermarket for essential supplies. Wine and chocolate.

Back home. Ran out of money. Searched the ” envelope” for some more and set off again to the farmacia for expensive toothpaste ( hopefully to prevent going to dentist) and more paracetamols( for all sorts of reasons. )

I would like to point out that wearing a mask is easy without glasses. I made mine so it has no extras but I more or less forgot I was wearing it. With glasses I feel much more conscious of it and distant.

Back home again after a Saturday coffee. I am rather sadly aware that going for a coffee used to be a sociable thing to do , but now I only go in a bar if it’s empty or nearly empty.

I did a quick sketch of a bar of chocolate when I got home.

And by then it felt like late afternoon. It was lunch time.

Apart from coming up with an idea for my next few paintings and discovering I could both ,take my jeans off, and put my working trousers on without taking my trainers off I didn’t do much else in the afternoon.

This Saturday evening I am staying home. It was costing too much to go out and for now I feel safer at home anyways. I considered making something special to eat. But I probably won’t.

It has been another satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Inadvertently bought milk chocolate…..suppose I will just have to eat it 🤔😁
You can see my roof …..but no sunrise.

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  1. Ever tried to write here, so hope it works. I could cry seeing our little door and the light on and your roof. Thanks so much for posting that ,you made my day month maybe 8 months now☺️😽

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