October in Pisticci…. 25 hours in one day was just too much …..

And it was a Sunday. And scary things are happening. More rules and regulations. More things to not do.

My reaction has been to make plans for staying home most of the time and getting better at washing masks and using the hand sanitiser which I have in my bag.

It’s like planning for a long lonely winter.

Obviously if I had not been awake till nearly 3am then the winter would be looking much more cheerful. ( after all I have 40 bags of pellets, chocolate and wine etc.)

But it was ******** annoying to have to get through 25 hours today.! Like adding insult to injury

I try to remember that it is how you frame things that happen which makes them fun/good/ helpful/ or depressing/ hard work/ waste of time.

Tiredness doesn’t help.

However I made myself go out for a walk this morning up the brick road. I took my new tablet which is heavier than the kindle fire. ( good – as will add weight to my exercise, bad- should never have bought ****thing as it is too heavy .)

Sat down on the brick wall in front of the arches and tried some drawing. Couldn’t see the screen so well. Was in direct sunlight.

But did have nice chat to two walkers.

Carried on towards the church and looked at the exhibition of work done during the lockdown by 2 artists and then chatted to a girl about the other activities going on . There were some stalls and people in lovely old costumes.

Thought about going for coffee but decided to find somewhere in the shade to test my tablet. Lots of shade but no suitable doorsteps, low walls or seats .

Went home feeling…… good- I went for walk, chatted to people, tested my tablet ..twice…….bad- what a waste of time , nothing to show for the morning.

Drew a pretty pink tin for todays project . Good….I did it even though I was tired. Bad- what a rubbish drawing, I never can get the angles right.

And so it went on.

I drew the scene at the end of my road on my new tablet and I could see the screen well enough. Good- I didn’t give up and it would have been better if I had not been so tired. Bad- I was supposed to paint a plate of fruit on a canvas today so I was just wasting time.

Now I’m sitting with Sunday Jazz playing on youtube, a glass of wine nearby and the stove on. With any luck I will sleep like a log tonight and that fruit on a plate will get painted tomorrow, I will find a shady spot to sit and paint after I have walked energetically up the brick road.

And the winter will be wonderful……

The art exhibition…..
A rather tired drawing of my teabag tin.
The end of my road…..

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