October in Pisticci…..drawing on the red brick road

This morning after a decent night’s sleep I made myself go out for a walk. I am still very resistant to exercise without a purpose…like shopping or coffee etc.

I took my new tablet and today it didn’t seem too heavy and I could see the screen reasonably clearly. I was only half way up the red brick road when I saw something I wanted to paint. I thought that I could manage by sitting on the kerb.

I took a photo first and then spent about 45 minutes drawing. It was a little uncomfortable to be honest , but I tried not to rush too much. I quite like the result though it’s much lighter than I thought it would be.

It is quite scary and exciting. I love learning new things ( by myself) but haven’t lost the fear of my painting suddenly disappearing as I accidentally press the wrong button.

I came home well pleased.

Next I started work on a small version of a plate of fruit. That took several hours . I was listening to a really good audiobook and using my new expensive paintbrush. Nice way to pass the time.

I managed to fit in a small project drawing, long phone call with my daughter,half an hour ” diary” writing and phone call with friends in north of Italy where the virus is increasing again.

And now it’s wine time again. The stove is on and it’s very comfortable here. A very satisfactory day. 🍷🍷

Small version of plate of fruit. ( 20x20cms)
Photo of scene I painted.
Stage 1
I considered using photo to add more ….but I quite like it like this.
Quick sketch of one of my essential items….lipstick.

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