2021 in Pisticci…my tyre looks flat…..

That is ,the one I have been trying to paint for the last 2 hours, looks flat. What horribly complicated things tyres are. And when they are at an angle and you can see all the inside bits…..and its no use trying to do a few quick marks and hope for the best…tried that, doesn’t work. I think I need to try liking tyres a little and paint them with a little love as getting fed up is not helping.

When I am finished painting this little car it will look good ,but I am painting the difficult bits first. Wheels and lights. I think the rest of it should be more fun to do.

Listening to an audiobook helps a lot . I was surprised that it was nearly 5pm when I gave up for today. As usual I told myself ,that which I couldn’t do today I will be able to do tomorrow. From past experience this is probably true.

Today started with me sitting on the doorstep.with a coffee drawing my new colourful chairs and pots. That was fun

This will be only the 3d day of being in a red zone. It feels a lot longer.

Now it’s wine time again. I would have liked to be further on with painting this week ,but in the circumstances am probably doing okay.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Soon it will be warm enough to sit out here. And its free.
Getting a lot of pleasure out of this.

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