2021 in Pisticci…not over yet….

Was just beginning to think that I could relax as this pandemic was coming to an end. Especially  here in Pisticci  , where if it’s like last year we might have a virus free summer and all be vaccinated  by autumn .

However this morning I found out that a close relative has the virus. There is no reason to believe that they won’t  be fine, like the majority  of people, but it’s  making me feel very far away.

So I am a little distracted.

However now that I have reached what I am thinking of as the third stage of my life I need to get on with making the most of it.

I started this morning by sitting outside  with a coffee and wondering what I could use the first 2 hours of the day for now that I am finished  the diary.  This is supposed to be my time.

I had visions of me marching off to paint plein air at 6.30am while it was still cool enough. But I think my plan needs a little direction.

Which was why I spent the next half hour organising all my small canvases into two piles. Tiny and small.

Then ,out of curiosity I tried using one of the very small ones, which I had accidentally bought thinking they were much bigger.

I sat on the doorstep and painted the view using a mixture of photo and real life.

Am not sure whether I want to do that again.

At least I tried.

As it didn’t seem like it was going to rain then I went back to the comune, collected a form, took it to another office and had it stamped . So that is done now.( hopefully)

Only the 5 year water bill to go. Am on it.

I bought more wooden strips to use for stretchers and once again walked the length of Pisticci carrying 3metre lengths.

It was good to be out and people are so much more cheerful than a month ago. It’s like we are all waking up again and happy to see each other. There is a new different atmosphere.

The rest of the day passed in a more distracted mode.

My new illustrated diary is looking really good and is disturbingly easy to do. If I keep it up then I can see it being a very satisfying record of my work this summer.

I don’t think I can make my David Hockney book last much longer so tomorrow maybe I’ll look for another art book to read on the doorstep.

I have a plan for another still life flower painting….. but need to wait for the plant to actually flower. And I need to make some new canvases.

It looks like if will rain tomorrow, but it’s pleasant here now. I might sit on the doorstep with a glass of wine and find some peace.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Think a version of this might be fun to paint but with flowers open

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