2021 in Pisticci…mattress moving….

I am so impressed with myself.

It all began last night after a phone call with my son which left me wide awake and not able to sleep. Then I heard someone in the apartment above. They weren’t doing anything in particular just talking and presumably checking things out.

The 14% wine may have had an influence . Whatever……I lay there for a while and thought about being “set in my ways” and liking quiet. . If I slept up in the attic then I wouldn’t hear anybody …..or at least I would have a choice. I could be proactive.

So without further ado I jumped up and stripped the bed. The mattress was on top of a bed sofa and it had always been my plan to get it into the attic for the winter. My tiny single bed up there was okay , but a big new mattress would be a treat.

It was quite unwieldy and had no handles of any kind so I found some washing line and tied it around so I could pull it. I dragged it into the other room. I had only a vague idea of how I would get it up into the attic.

First I managed to get it up onto the armchair, after taking the big painting down in case it got damaged. Thought I was being very responsible. By now it was 11.30pm.

I found another bit of string and tied it on and then threw it over the balustrade. I was hoping I could pull it up and over. It took 3 tries as it was a bit heavy and then it got caught on a post. But on the 3d go I managed to pull it up and over.

Now I had to move the single bed which I did by lowering it down over the balustrade and holding on till it nearly touched the floor, then let it go. There was only a mattress and a metal frame.

After that it was easy. I put some sheets on and tried to get to sleep

I wouldn’t have done it if I had waited until morning. I can’t quite believe I managed it all by myself.

Today , after a short spell on the doorstep sketching pansies, I have mostly reorganised the bookcases and desk upstairs, wrapped the single mattress in plastic and shoved it under the bed sofa. The metal frame is hidden behind a sheet up against a wall.

Now I have a choice of where to sleep. Either in my gallery with James or in the attic with a sea view. Cool!!!!

My house feels bigger.

Now it’s wine time….and later I will need to chose where to sleep. What luxury….

Cheers 🍷🍷

Bedroom with sea view. I love that painting.
Just before I threw the string over the balustrade and started to pull it up.
My arty diary including today’s pansy sketch.

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